Farmhouse Style

A rustic style with time-worn furniture, sturdy materials, light color palettes and repurposed accessories, farmhouse is an inviting, comfortable style that's perfect for a large family.

Scandinavian Design

Drawing inspiration from homes in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Scandinavian designs incorporate light wood finishes and natural lighting. Minimalism and functionality are hallmarks of this sleek style.

Coastal Design

Drawing on colors of the sand and sea, coastal is a style as comfortable as a beach vacation. Natural materials like linen and jute are popular in coastal designs.

Bohemian Style

Full of texture, color and story, the boho look embraces influences from across the globe and carries a vibe of cool confidence.

Traditional Design

Traditional design is rooted in classic, ornate furniture designs nand features well-accessorized rooms with dashes of pattern and color.

Midcentury Modern Design

A callback to the 1950s and '60s, midcentury modern design focuses on form and function with clean lines, graphic patterns, organic colors and materials that were innovative at the time.

Art Deco Style

First popular in the early 20th century, Art Deco incorporates geometric and ornate design details and rich materials like marble and gold leaf intended to convey looks of luxury and glamour.

Industrial Interiors

Industrial interior design highlights the architectural features often found in converted warehouses, such as exposed ductwork and ceiling beams. Furnishings may encorporate sleek lines, salvaged wood and pipework or other metals.

Southwestern Style

Southwestern style is characterized by earth tones, raw textures and crafted objects. Colorful, handwoven textiles and terra cotta materials feature prominently in this design.

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